Financial Literacy Classes, Programs, and Courses For Adults


Did you know that 63% of Americans are financially illiterate? That means that they are unable make basic decisions involving matters like purchasing, savings and investing. It also leaves them prone to financial pitfalls and scams.

In an effort to remedy this, classes, programs and courses are offered to educate individuals on money management. Many of these resources are aimed at children and young adults since it is believed that enforcing behaviors early on is the best way to give them the tools that will help them throughout life. But it’s never too late to learn.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their finances, and you feel an adult financial literacy class, course or program can help, here are some that you can choose from.

The Core Four of Personal Finance

Brought to you by, the Core Four of Personal Finance free online class provides the basics of personal finance. Adults can learn how to earn more money, reduce their expenses, protect their credit and identity, budget, manage debt and more. The course gives you the tools to take a smarter approach to money management and to eventually move on to become an expert in the field if so desired.

My Financial Academy Financial Literacy Program

Created by Guinness World Record Financial Literacy Program creator and presenter Denise Winston, the My Financial Academy Financial Literacy Program provides online video courses that can improve financial literacy. It covers topics including budgeting, managing debt, achieving financial goals, health insurance and more. Participant’s activities can be tracked, reported and integrated into existing programs and the courses can serve as a portal to additional resources that allow you to continue your education.

Financial Literacy Course w/ is a provider of free online courses that can help adults grow in their personal and professional lives. Their financial literacy course teaches the basics of money management as well as budgeting, managing debt, insurance and retirement planning. Once the 6-10 hour course is completed, participants earn a certification which may help them move forward in their career paths.

Personal and Family Financial Planning w/ Coursera

This financial planning class is brought to you by the University of Florida. It touches on critical financial management topics and helps adults adapt behaviors which will help them throughout their lives. It provides information on personal finance, insurance, saving and investing. The course can be audited for free but if students would like graded materials, they will have to pay a small fee. Check it out at: Personal and Financial Planning

National Financial Educators Council Complimentary Education Program Package

This program offers a 6-part training course that can help adults build financial literacy. It includes educational presentations and an online learning center where students can access lessons they can share with others. Testing, worksheets, handouts and fliers are available as well. Check it out at: National Financial Educators Council Complimentary Education Program.

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To Conclude

It may be shocking to find out how many American adults are financially illiterate. Fortunately, steps are being taken to minimize those numbers as programs, courses and classes are offered to boost education. Hopefully these efforts will help to increase literacy so more people can have the tools to make the right money management decisions and feel more financially secure.

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