How To Write a Roommate Agreement

roommate agreement

A Roommate Agreement is necessary once you find a new roommate to live with you. The below roommate agreement template will work well for college students and anybody who plans on sharing an apartment or house with roommates who are boyfriends, girlfriends, co-workers, or college friends. It’s universal with the … Read more

eBay Sellers: Be Careful Re-Selling Electronics!


If you’re an eBay seller who sells any kind of electronic items you need to proceed with caution. There’s a high risk of scams and fraud associated with selling iPhones, Smartphones, and other miscellaneous electronic gadgets. We all know that eBay has a pretty generous buyer satisfaction and return policy. … Read more

How To Find a Roommate


Finding a roommate is a good idea for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you just bought a home and you want to rent a room out to help pay the mortgage down. Or maybe you’re renting an apartment with college friends or co-workers to share expenses and save money. People … Read more