eBay Sellers, Be Careful Selling Electronics


If you’re an eBay seller who sells any kind of electronic items you need to proceed to caution. There’s a high risk of scams and fraud associated with selling iPhones, Smartphones, and other miscellaneous electronic gadgets. We all know that eBay has a pretty generous buyer satisfaction and return policy. It’s so generous in fact, … Read more

Growing Your Net Worth When You Work From Home


Below, I’m going to provide you with a road-map to show you some examples of everything I’ve done over the years to grow my net worth while working from home. (Please bookmark this page and make sure to visit back frequently for more updates as I build out the Money and Bills website. This page … Read more

Bridge Loan Basics: For Real Estate And Business


In the world of real estate and business it’s very common to hear about Bridge Financing. The concept is pretty straightforward but can be a bit confusing to understand at first. I remember the first time I heard about bridge loans and my imagination went crazy, I had a picture in my head of an … Read more

Hard Money Loans: Everything You Need To Know 


It happens to everyone in the real estate investment world. You’re trying to get a deal on an investment property and the bank won’t approve you on a conventional loan for the purchase. This happened to me several years ago and my mortgage broker suggested getting a hard money loan instead. From the first day … Read more

How To Make Extra Money Blogging [start a blog]


Blogging can be a great creative outlet as well as a good way to socialize on the internet, but did you know it can also be a money-making prospect? While some people blog for enjoyment, others use their blogs as a source of income. Find out how you can use your blog to start bringing … Read more

Passive Income: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?


Have you ever wanted to sit back with passive income and watch the money roll in? How about using the money you already have to make money instead of using your time or your brain? The wealthiest people in the world are using a passive income based strategy for investing in stocks, real estate, and … Read more