When The Term “Must Be Nice” Is Used Against You


What’s the exact meaning of the term Must Be Nice? Everyone seems to have a different meaning of the term, which makes it the most condescending term out there according to Urban Dictionary. Did you know? How you understand the way people use this term around you has a direct impact on your finances, because … Read more

Debt Settlement Can Be A Tax Nightmare!


When hard economic times happen, debt settlement can seem like a very appealing option. Maybe you lost your job, your income was reduced or you had your income affected by a large medical expense. For these reasons, you may have fallen behind on your bills and the creditors are now on your back! You failed … Read more

How Delivering NewsPapers Taught Me About Making Money


Having a paper route (delivering newspapers) as a teenager was a great way to make extra money! It’s how I started learning the basics of business. The basics of buying something low and then selling it at a higher price for a profit. It’s amazing how a job like delivering newspapers can boost your confidence … Read more