Cheap Ideas For Planning A Big Family Vacation (multi-family too)


In 2019 and beyond it’s been a popular trend for big families to combine there funds and work out an affordable deal for a fun family vacation. The cost and type of vacation must accommodate many types of age ranges, it should be fun for the kids, but relaxing and entertaining for Grandma and Grandpa too.

Your vacation plans should drive conversation between family members, whether on the beach or at the dinner table. Most family members probably haven’t seen each other in quite some time, life gets busy with being parents, working, or living at a distance because you pursued a new career.

Family members want to catch up with one another!

Be Mindful Of The Costs

The vacation needs to be realistic to not break the pocketbook. Before planning anything, it’s important to communicate with everyone paying in the family and agree on a set budget. If you’re not sure how to cut back on the costs, you can always refer to a financial adviser, unless one member of the family decides to chip in some extra cash, keep your vacation plans moderately affordable for everyone. You don’t want to single out anyone either, money is a sensitive topic for most people.

Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

What Are You Going To Do?

At a glance, camping at a national park seems like the most obvious choice for an affordable family vacation. To find even more options, I searched the internet and found this article about multi-generational vacation ideas to be a perfect reference.

Here’s Some More Ideas I Discovered.

Theme Parks – Such as Six Flags, Disney World, or just touring different attractions in Orlando, Florida. For people in Southern California, Disney Land is a great option. People can share hotel accommodations when buying two – three day family passes.

Cruises – Cruises are great because the price often includes lodging and meals. It also gives everyone something to do and an organized schedule to follow.

Resorts – Resorts in Cuba, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic are excellent choices because they are in cheaper more upscale locations outside the U.S. The only drawback is the quality of food, drink, furnishings, or quality of recreation equipment may not be up to your standards, so be sure to do your research!

Big Cities – Cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago are a great value with their options for entertainment, shopping, and tourist activities. You can get the best deal if you go in the off season, like going to SF in February instead of the summer months.

Use a Travel Agent –  Travel agents are perfect for booking guided tours at a discount. Tours are good for when your short on time and you have a family that is eager to learn new things about a new place or city. Deals often include the price of the hotel, meals, motor coach transportation, and tour guides.

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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind of the wide age range that a big family vacation consists of Kids – Grandparents. If there is an existing conflict between some family members, it won’t go away just because your relaxing on vacation. It’s best to agree on some level ground rules ahead of time. Avoid disciplining someone else’s kids, or feeling the need to spend each and every minute with someone. In the end, the most important thing for you is to have a good time with your family and enjoy the experience, the destination is secondary.

Did you have a fun affordable family vacation recently? Share your story in the comments.

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