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Welcome to my list of “Fantastic Computer Tune-Up, Web and Security Tools!” I’m going to add to this list every time I come across a new tool or computer website that looks kick-ass!

Every writer and small business professional needs a little bit of tech knowledge, even if you end up hiring a tech pro to help you. If you see your hired tech professional using some of these tools or utilities, it’s a great sign they know what they are doing.

Read on and enjoy! I summarize each one below. – A great resource for help with computer viruses, ransomware, and other security threats.

CC Cleaner – Is an excellent PC-computer tool that will help clean up your system and make things run faster again. I’ve been using it for years to optimize my start-up files, clean my registry, and clear out temp files!

File Assasin – This tool is for advanced users. If you have a file, you need to delete off your system, and it’s locked or in use by a process. This tool will help you to unlock it and then remove it! It’s extremely helpful in situations where you might be fighting a computer with a virus or malware infection!

Crystal Disk Info – A great small utility that will tell you the health status of your hard disk. It gives a lot of other information such as the serial number, interface type, and read or write errors.

Partition Manager – If you’re having issues with partitioning on your hard disk I highly recommend this tool! It has saved me more times than I can remember. It’s for advanced users only! It’s extremely helpful if you are also running more than one Operating System with only one hard disk.

Darik’s Boot and Nuke – Before donating a computer or getting rid of a hard drive with data on it, make sure you delete it first. Protect your data by using this utility to completely destroy the data stored on the drive. Follow directions accordingly, and be very careful with this one!

Drive Image XML – An excellent computer backup tool! It does image-type backups, and all you need is an external USB hard drive or a network device.

Treesize – If you need to remove data from a computer hard drive that is almost filled up to capacity, it can be a daunting task. Windows Explorer only gives you the folder or file size on a top level (not on a subfolder level). Treesize will break down all the subfolders and file sizes from your parent folder for you. Makes deleting or moving data off a drive to free up space super easy!

Super Anti Spyware – An advanced spyware removal utility that I have used for years now. Buy the advanced version or use the free one!

System Driver Backup (For advanced users only) – System Driver will provide a handy solution when you cannot find your driver setup files. Run it on your existing system to create a backup. Use this backup to restore the drivers back to a recently restored system or a new one.

Belarc System Inventory – Do you want a system inventory of your hardware or software? This utility will scan your system and create a nice HTML report for you. Very handy for small businesses to track their computer assets.

Software Key Finder (Magic Jelly Bean) – For advanced users only! This utility will help you find all the product keys used for your computer’s installed software. It’s a handy way to recover them when you’ve lost the original product keys. Many computer technicians in the field use this tool.

Chrome Web Developer Extension – Whenever I make small changes to my WordPress site I use this extension. It’s an invaluable tool for do-it-yourself web designers and worth a mention as a resource!

Final Thoughts

Learn about new tools when they get added to this list, I’ll include them in my monthly newsletter! Sign up for it using the form on the right side. Thanks for much for reading this guide, talk to you soon!


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