Financial Literacy Programs for High School and College Students


Having a good understanding of finances is very important. It can help you manage money, make smart purchases, stay out of debt and avoid financial scams and predators.

Although the importance of financial literacy is undeniable, statistics show that most Americans are financially illiterate. To this end, many resources are being offered to improve financial literacy such as books, classes, podcasts and more. 

It is especially important for financial literacy to be taught at a young age. That way kids can start off early learning valuable life lessons and behaviors that will stay with them throughout life. 

With that in mind, here are some financial literacy programs recommended for high school and college students.

Money Smart for Young Adults

This is a curriculum geared towards youth ages 12-20. It teaches the basics of handling money and finances and helps the targeted audience create a positive relationship with financial institutions. It includes fully scripted materials that allow teachers and other adults to easily pass on the information to students even if they have no previous teaching experience. An instructor guide, participance guide and PowerPoint slides are included. 

The curriculum is available for download at and in CD format. 

Money Math: Lessons for Life

This is a four-lesson curriculum geared towards middle school students.  It is an 86-page teacher’s guide with lesson plans, activity pages and teacher’s tips. It provides real life examples designed to educate students on the handling of personal finance.

The material is free for teachers and it can be downloaded on the web site.

The High School Financial Planning Program

This program includes a lab tested, award winning curriculum. It features six 40-page guides, each of which covers individual finance topics including money management, borrowing, earning power, investing, financial services and insurance. Instructors receive teaching materials such as lesson plans, presentation materials, handouts, performance assessments and online resources.

The program can be accessed through the web site.

Wells Fargo Hands on Banking

The Hands on Banking program offers online resources for anyone who wants to learn more about money management. Their classroom resources for educators can be particularly beneficial in providing financial literacy to young adults. Teachers can download PDFs that provide information on banking basics, using credit, planning for the future, earning money and more. And, an instructor guide is available as well.

All PDFs can be downloaded on the educator’s page of the Hands on Banking web site.

Stock Market Game

Not everyone plays the stock market but having a firm understanding of how it works can provide insight into investing basics as well as the global economy. The Stock Market Game is a simulator game that provides virtual cash so students can make risk free investments while learning more about the stock market.

Teaching materials, tutorials and lesson plans are available as well. 

All materials can be accessed at How the Market

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To Conclude

These programs help prepare teens and young adults for the future by providing fun ways for them to learn more about money management. Hopefully, this will be a positive step towards eliminating financial illiteracy in the future.

Which programs will you be working on with your children and students to help them get ready to take on the world? Comment below…

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