How To Get A Job While You Are Still In High School


When you are in high school, you may not have much job experience. This makes it difficult for you to get an entry level job, and a high-paying one at that. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make the job hunt a little easier.

Get Your Working Papers (Workers Permit)

Employees under 18 must submit working papers to their employer before starting at their new job. You can get your working papers from your school’s guidance office. You will also need some documentation, such as a recent physical from the doctor and a copy of your birth certificate. Having your working papers ready from the start makes it more likely for you to get hired. 

Apply For Many Entry-Level Jobs

The more job positions you apply for, the more likely you are to get an interview. Also, consider a wide variety of positions. Jobs can be hard to find for teenagers, so keep an open mind while applying. Some good first jobs for high school teens include cashier, busser, lifeguard, and dog walker. I started my first job as a order taker and cashier in a pizza restaurant called Round Table Pizza. I slowly worked my way up to washing dishes, making pizzas, and doing pizza delivery, it was awesome! Especially since I made lots of money in tips! It was way better than the days I did my paper route to earn money.

I researched some other articles online that talk about finding jobs when your in High School (it’s been a while for me, if I was in H.S. again these are the articles I’d be searching for!)

Keep A Flexible Schedule

While school is the most important thing to focus on, try to keep an open schedule for work during your free time. If you have more open hours, you are more likely to get hired. The same goes for the summer time. If you have any summer trips planned, make sure to tell potential employers that you can work around your upcoming trip.  Employers are more likely to hire someone who has an open schedule as opposed to someone who can only come in once or twice a week.

Start In Your Neighborhood

Before applying for local businesses, try looking for jobs in your neighborhood first. For example, offer to mow lawns or do pet sitting while neighbors and family friends are on vacation. After you build up job experience, you can apply for a different position and use the people you worked for as a reference. This is what I did with my paper route, I asked my customers if they needed any side work done around the house. Most said no, but a few said yes and it helped me to save a lot of money before I started working at my pizza job.

Dress Appropriately

One essential part of the interview is dressing professionally. You want to make a good impression on the potential employer. Some examples of good interview attire include a button-down shirt with slacks or polo with khakis. I hate wearing slacks and khakis honestly, but on an interview it helps you stand out. Ultimately, depending on what you do for work they’ll be a uniform or dress code. Unless, you work for yourself dong side hustles instead.

The Highest Paying Jobs For High-School Students Are Paid Internships

In your junior and senior year of high-school you might have an incredible opportunity come up to make a lot of money doing a paid internship if you take ROCP classes, this will help jump start your career. When I was in high-school I took a class for computer repair and worked a paid internship all the way through college. This was only like 10 hours a week so I still worked my pizza job too, but the hourly rate was double the minimum wage of 5 bucks per hour.

In Conclusion

While getting a job as a teenager can be tough, it is not impossible. The most important thing to do is to be flexible and prepared when searching for a job. Soon, you will have a job that can help you save up for a car, college, or a trip with your friends. Or you could always just save up the money and start learning about investing. It’s up to you!

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