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Should you do an SEO campaign for your law firm? The answer might surprise you, but in a lot of cases the answer could be NO!

In many scenarios though, the answer is a big YES too.

Below, we are going to go over some basic considerations you need to think about to see if a Law Firm SEO Strategy is right for your firm’s marketing plan.

Let’s get into it.

Is Your Law Firm a Natural Fit For an SEO Strategy?

There are some law practice types that naturally fit into an SEO Strategy better than other types. Some examples include the following:

  • Your firm helps clients with problems that are very personal and embarrassing in nature ( this will often lead to someone not asking for a referral.) In this case, because the person wants to keep it private, they have no choice but to search online for help.
  • Your competition is having success with search engine optimization. If the other law firms in your area are investing heavily in an SEO strategy, that’s a very good sign that it will be right for you too.
  • There’s a high volume of searches being done for keywords relating to the legal practice areas you specialize in.

To expand on our last point above, regarding high-volume keyword searches, here are some law firm practice areas that are popular and known to be searched for online. Each one is a great candidate for doing a law firm’s SEO strategy because they are very consumer-driven areas of the law.

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal Defense
  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Trust and Probate Law
  • Immigration
  • Estate Planning

If your practice of law is not on this list, it does not mean SEO is not an option, but you’ll have to do a lot more research and testing of your market to see how things project out. There are many variables to consider for when and how people search and find services online.

So to make sure you cover all of your bases! It’s recommended you conduct a Local SEO Audit of your area and see where you stand and what kinds of opportunities are available before you decide one way or the other, if SEO is right for your law firm.

SEO Might Not Be Right For Your Law Firm, Here’s How To Tell

If your client base is very affluent and typically only works with referrals through people they know, then an SEO strategy will most likely not help your bottom line. In fact, most online marketing outside of having a website and blog are probably not very beneficial for you.

The reason for that is because people will be coming to your website directly by knowing your brand already.

Another example of when SEO is not good is when you have such steep competition, the ROI just might not be there. The cost to compete and outrank the competition is just too high for what your marketing budget allows.

SEO is a long-term investment and takes at least 6-12 months to start seeing any real promising results with keyword rankings. So, if you cannot wait that long, that money and time is better spent elsewhere.

One last point about when SEO is not great for your law firm is when your client base is more business-like and transactional. Typically when professionals need help, these types of issues won’t be searched for online. On top of that, many people will procrastinate which will delay making a decision on getting immediate help.

5 More Considerations For Implementing a Law Firm SEO Strategy

There are some more reasons why it’s worth considering an SEO strategy for your law firm, they include:

Social Media Marketing is Not Working

Social Media Marketing is not giving you the ROI that was promised to you. Usually, this is because over 90% of people seeking help from a lawyer are using Google.

Organic Search Is Already Your Number One Referral Traffic Source

If your existing Website Analytics are showing your number one source of traffic is coming from organic search, this is a great sign you should consider investing more into an official SEO strategy.

Law Firm PPC Keywords Cost Too Much

If you have been running a Google Adwords PPC Keyword campaign and the cost-per-click for your target keywords is costing 50 dollars or more per click, it might be time to reevaluate how that money is being spent. You’ll get a much higher long-term ROI with SEO.

You Did Not See Promising SEO Results The First Time

Another consideration is if you ran an SEO Campaign in the past and then quit because it was not yielding the results you were promised. It might have been the marketing company you hired just was not experienced enough to compete in your local market. Sometimes novices will undercharge you and over promise the results. It might be worth considering working with another SEO company that is more specialized with a higher budget.

Class Action Lawsuits

If you are heading up a big class action lawsuit on a product with a national brand, you want to create an SEO strategy for attracting new clients who are searching for that potential lawsuit. If you already have a strong SEO presence in Google, it will take very little effort for you to start publishing SEO content using the brand name as a keyword to attract new prospects and have them sign up on a list.

There are many reasons to consider when deciding whether or not you should invest time and money into an SEO strategy for your law firm. We’ve highlighted the important ones above, but make no mistake, there are many, many more that are unique to each situation and individual law firm.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you got something out of this article.

If you’ve gone through the different points and discovered that SEO is not right for you, you’ll need to experiment with other types of online marketing to see what works and does not work for bringing in new cases

Another option is to just focus on a more old-school approach to your advertising and marketing strategy. Such as Direct Mail and Referral Marketing.

Thanks for reading, comment below if you have any questions about doing SEO for your law firm!


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