How To Make Money Freelance Writing On The Road


The number of people who travel in a van or recreational vehicles is growing every day, and more are choosing to live in them full time. Especially, with high rents, traffic, and noise from living in big cities, it’s a lifestyle that often relieves a lot of stress. It’s a trend I see growing with no end in sight, check out this article from Forbes to see what I’m talking about – What You Need To Know If You Want To Join The Van Life Movement.

Freelance writing is a great way to make money while living in a van or vacationing on a beach too!

You get many perks being a freelance writer or blogger, the biggest one being a flexible schedule. You can enjoy the travel lifestyle and generate income working as little or as much as you like. You can write early in the morning if you’re an early bird, or late at night if you like. Aside from when you’re writing, your time, attention, and involvement are required only when a client wants to discuss a project on the phone, although you usually can handle that task via email.

Quick Tip: Those who spend much of their time in a commercial RV park can also opt for the work camping experience, providing labor in exchange for a free RV space and possibly utilities as well.That may work for you, but even if scheduled for as little as 15 hours per week, they’re the hours the facility expects you to work, not the hours you prefer.

If you get annoyed by working with too many writing clients, you can even start your own blog instead. It will take a longer time to monetize than freelance writing. But, it still provides you an excellent opportunity to earn income from your writing over the long haul with affiliate marketing, showcasing your portfolio, and earning ad revenue. Check out my “How To QUICKLY Launching A New Blog” to get started.

Freelance Writing Sites

There are several large freelancing sites where you can get a start if you don’t already have clients for your writing. They take a percentage fee and market you to buyers who want freelancing services. For writers, the buyers usually want web content, marketing emails, or other copy-writing for their businesses.

You’re competing on these sites, so getting a start is going to mean fighting for work, at least until you build up some reviews and previous work references. You’ll have to work cheaper than you like to get started, but it gets your foot in the door.

As long as you have areas of knowledge that someone is searching for, there will be work for you.

Go to these sites and explore like a buyer, entering keywords for your areas of expertise.

  • Writers Access – One of the better sites for getting paid as a writer, but qualifying is tough.
  • Clear Voice – Decent site overall which pays well, but the qualifications to on-board as a writer are tough.
  • iWriter – I think iWriter is the best balance of both paying OK money and being easy to get on-boarded.

You can also try general freelancer marketplaces such as:

UpWork – Really popular and widely used for small, medium, and large businesses.

HubStaff – My experience with HubStaff is limited, I did open a profile with them. I like UpWork and Fiverr the best.

Fiverr – Fiverr is a favorite marketplace of mine. It’s great for writers, graphics people, and other small gig type of work.

You’ll find writing work on just about any topic you can imagine, from knitting and cooking to animal husbandry and website design.

Content Mills

Another approach is writing for what many call “content mills.” You can write articles for some of these without an order from a buyer, but instead, speculating that there is a buyer out there who will want them. In most cases they buy full rights, so once you sell a piece, it’s gone and theirs to do with as they please. You have to write another article if you want more income. You can, however, keep writing original articles on the same topics if there is a market for them.

There are hundreds of millions of websites, all of which compete in their areas of business. They want fresh new content consistently, and they’ll pay for it. Your income potential is limited only by your desire and the energy you want to commit to the work.

My favorite one as of right now is Constant Content, check them out, it’s a cool business model that they have.

Freelance Job Boards

Job boards can be an excellent way to get a longer term writing gig from someone posting a job for it. Check these cool sites out. BTW.. you can also google search something like “freelance writer jobs” or “freelance writer job boards” to find more. – Pretty well established job board for gigs relating to blogs. – Same as Blogging Pro, just another board to view jobs. – Craigslist is so hit or miss. Lately, it’s kind of slipping away as a good resource, but that could change for better or worse and still worth a browse.

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Final Thoughts

While many freelance writers work from home; others prefer an RV in a vacation spot. Either group is capable of making a five-figure income while enjoying life and doing it on their terms. To get more information about making a living as a writer, check out the site Make A Living Writing.

Thanks for reading, are you a digital nomad writing for a living on the go? If so, comment below and share your story! Thanks.

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