How To Bring In Extra Money Doing Graphic Design


Graphic design skills are very much in demand. Graphic design is used online to make websites and ads look attractive, it is used in television, film, multimedia arts, product design and more. 

If you know a lot about graphic design, it’s likely that you can get a job at an agency as a graphic designer. But if you are already on a different career path, you can still use your design skills to bring in extra income. 

Here are some ways you can bring in extra money doing graphic design.

Freelance to Crowdsourcing Sites

One way to bring in income doing graphic design is to create reusable art like stock images or graphics. Publish your artwork on crowdsourcing sites or create your own profile to extend your reach. Design Hill, 99Designs, Creative Market and Graphic River are all web sites where you can sell your designs.

These platforms also host contests that require you to design a logo, or create a brochure design, business card design, social media page design or more. Participating in these contests will increase your visibility and allow you to charge more for your creations. 

Create a Logo

Every business needs a logo to make themselves recognizable. Most businesses will pay good money for a logo, ranging anywhere from $50 to $1000. Establishing yourself on crowdsourcing sites will make you more visible to businesses or you can also reach out to them directly to see if they need any artwork created.

Teach Classes

Graphic design is a highly desirable skill. Not only does is make you more hirable, it minimizes the need for you to pay professional graphic artists to help you in your professional and personal life.

If you are skilled in graphic arts, you can make money by teaching graphic design to those looking to learn. Classes can be taught in person or online.

If your teaching business takes off, you can also start hosting workshops which will allow people to mingle while learning a valuable skill.

Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise isn’t as big of an undertaking as it might seem. If you have a great design, it won’t be too hard to create custom t-shirts, hats pins and other items. 

There are professional printing companies that can print items in bulk that you can sell at a profit. To make even more money, consider investing in your own equipment to screen your image onto pins and t-shirts you can sell to the public. 

Work as a Graphic Design Consultant 

The position of design consultant can be quite lucrative, and it can also develop into a full-time career. 

A consultant will work from the ground up advising professionals on the most appealing and eye-catching designs. Then they will use their skills to create these designs.

A consultant can do freelance work or work for an agency on an ongoing basis.

Design Stickers for Smart Devices

People love their devices and they love decorating them with cool stickers. 

Use your creativity to make stickers people will want to put on their computers and smart phones. You might not make a lot of money doing this, but it is a good way to bring in some extra income and get your skills noticed. 

Etsy is a great platform to get started with this type of venture.

Design and Sell WordPress Themes

WordPress is often used by businesses to create websites, blogs and more. While the platform offers customization tools, a professional graphic designer can add unique elements that will help their site stand out. 

Artists can work with companies to create themes or they can design their own preexisting themes and sell them online. This can be quite lucrative. In fact, some companies will pay up to seven figure amounts for a great template. 

An easy way to get started is to create an underlying theme and then use a tool like Elementor Pro 2.0 to customize it. Then register yourself on a marketplace like ThemeForest to increase income. A versatile portfolio will help bring clients in. 

Sell a Custom Typeface

Typography is another element that can set a design apart. People in need of a good design are always looking for a unique typography that is attractive, fits their image and is easy to read. If you can create a font that works on all of these levels, you just might have a money-making skill on your hands. 

To Conclude

Graphic design is a great skill to have. It can set you on a lucrative career path or it can be a side hustle that can help you reach your financial goals. How will you be using graphic design to keep your bank account healthy? Comment below… Let’s here from you.

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