Make Money By Selling Crafts [as a career or part-time]


Are you handy? Creative? Do you love making things? If so, you may just have a lucrative career ahead of you. 

With the rise of technology and the e-commerce industry, there are so many options when it comes to selling things online. And, if you can create an item you think people will be interested in buying, you have an ideal situation for bringing in extra income. Another bonus, this is a great way to make money right out of the comfort of your own home. 

Read on to find out how you can build a business selling crafts. 

What Items Can I Make That People Will Buy?

There is really no end to the amount of handmade goods people will buy but here are a few that are popular with consumers and can be relatively easy to make.

Jewelry: Jewelry is a great handmade good that is popular with consumers and not too difficult to make. You can find all your materials in most craft stores. Once you get everything you need, you can create unique items and sell them for a considerable profit.

Art/Décor: If you are an artist, selling your paintings is a great way to make money while doing something you love. But even if you aren’t an artist, photographs, wall hangings and decorative items for a mantle or bookshelf will also make great pieces of home décor.

Soap and Bath Products: These are also easy to make at home. You can get molds and dyes as well as fragrances to make your products fun and unique. Since bath items are consumable, they are great for promoting repeat sales.

Candles: Another consumable item, candles can also be produced using molds, dyes and fragrances. You can make your candles unique by putting them in mason jars or teacups and adding decorative touches.

Sewn Items: If you are creative and skilled with a sewing machine, you can make anything from clothing to purses to curtains to bedding and more. 

Organizers: Who doesn’t need a bit of organization in their lives?  To make an organizer, you can start with something as basic as pieces of wood or a cardboard box. Make compartments and add decorative elements for an item that is both attractive and useful.

Pet Goods: People love their pets. You can make money by creating products to spoil pets like collars, pet beds, toys, clothing and more.

Selling Your Handmade Goods

Once you have decided what handmade goods you would like to sell, you need to determine the best way to get them to the public. While there are several sites that are ideal for selling handmade goods, Etsy is the most well-known. Some other options include: 

Of course, the selling of your goods doesn’t have to be limited to online marketplaces. You can also sell them at flea markets, craft shows, farmers markets, local events or on consignment at local shops and boutiques. If you would like to turn your homemade craft making hobby into a full-time business, consider opening your own brick and mortar location. 

Tips for Selling Your Items

Here are some business tips you will want to consider that will help your business become successful: 

Keep an Eye on Your Bottom Line: Consider all your expenses including how much it is costing you to buy materials, maintain your store and any time and travel expenses. Price your products accordingly so that you are sure to make a profit.

Market Your Products: Marketing is important in any business. Use online resources like web sites and social media to get the word out. Take advantage of all tools available when listing your products making sure to include relevant tags and keywords.

And while digital marketing is important, in person connections are essential as well. Go face to face talking to local businesses and people in your community. Attending conferences and trade shows may be helpful as well. 

No matter what type of marketing you are doing, it’s always important to consider your target audience. Think of where they are likely to be and what would appeal to them and create campaigns that will get their attention. 

Brand Your Items: Make sure your items are recognizable by using logos and any other sort of branding that will set your company apart. Include contact information like a web site and phone number so customers can get in touch with you if they want to order more items from you in the future.

If you are handy and creative, selling handmade goods is a great way to bring in extra income. Decide what types of objects you would like to sell, find the best channels for selling them and use the right branding and marketing tools and you will soon be on your way to a lucrative career.

What items do you think would sell best in the handmade goods market?

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