How To Start A Side Hustle As A Matchmaker


The pace of life nowadays is so hectic that many people don’t have the time to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Online dating is definitely not working out for everybody either, as this article by Psychology Today shows. A personal match maker pairs up people with compatible personalities in the hopes that they will be a good match and develop a loving relationship.

Helping others find the loves of their lives can be a successful and rewarding side hustle that could grow into a full-time business!

Becoming A Matchmaker Is Easy; Follow These Steps For Starting A Matchmaking Business

1. Set up an office where you can hold interviews with potential clients. While this can be in your home, a separate office appears more professional and instills confidence in your clients. Be sure to include a phone and a computer with email access.

2. File any necessary paperwork to do business in your city. Consult with your local chamber of commerce to find out what the requirements are in your area.

3. Create an interview template you will use when meeting new clients. Include all of the questions that you believe are necessary to understand someone’s personality traits, likes, dislikes and desires for an ideal partner. Also record their name, address, phone number and email address for easy match notifications.

4. Advertise your personal match maker business. Make fliers to post around town, and put an ad in the local paper. Encourage local singles to seek new partners through your match making service, and detail your prices for the exact services you provide. If you are focusing solely on a specific age group or other demographic, be sure to specify that in your advertisements. Also, set up a blog, this is mandatory if your clients are you take you seriously!

5. Create a database to record all of the information gathered during the interview process. Categories may include personality traits, personal habits and partner’s characteristics. This will make it easier to review the information and determine which people will make the best matches. A simple spreadsheet will also do when your starting out.

6. Notify your clients of the potential matches you have decided upon. This can be done on either a weekly or monthly basis. Be sure that you regularly update your clients on the progress you have made. Otherwise they may feel that they are not getting the best deal. Also note when your clients have found a match and do not need your service anymore.

Continue to advertise and interview new clients on a regular basis. Keep making matches, and you are on your way to being a successful personal match maker. It’s as simple as that.

If you have any other questions about tools or how to get started with a blog, ask below in the comments!

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