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When your personal injury law firm is ready to start taking your Google SEO marketing more seriously, one of the requirements is launching a quality legal blog.

Since I’ve published numerous personal injury legal blog articles for my clients over the years, I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of topics I recommend for all Personal Injury Law Firms that are interested in starting a legal blog.

Before we get started, you need to keep the following points in mind if you want to see the best SEO performance from your law firm’s blog.

  • You want to write about topics your clients care about, so make sure you can verify with Google auto-suggest that people are actively typing in the right keywords for that topic. (An SEO keyword tool can also help you find popular topics.)

Please remember! You can publish other topics that don’t appear in Google auto-suggest if they are relevant and can be promoted by social media or other advertising channels.

  • You should study and review your top 3 legal competitors in your local area to see what kind of topics they are writing about. Then, measure the quality of their content against the content you want to publish. Find your top law firm competitors by searching for terms like “car accident attorney” or “personal injury lawyer” in your local area. Make sure you append your local city name in the search keyword as well.
  • You want to present your legal content in a beginner’s writing style because you are not writing for other lawyers, you are writing for normal people. This will drive engagement and will send quality signals back to Google that people like what they are reading. This will help your overall SEO.

In the next few sections, we’ll cover the following:

  • How to brainstorm some personal injury law topics
  • How seasons and geographics matter for how popular a certain type of topic for personal injuries may be for your firm.
  • An example list of topics and headlines to launch your blog with.

How To Brainstorm Your First Year Of Personal Injury Law Blog Topics

Whether you are a small or big personal injury law firm you should have a history of the common types of claims you’ve worked on over the years. Do a bit of research by asking the other lawyers in your firm what they recall getting calls on recently.

Now, make a list of the types of claims you worked on and frequently get calls about.

Now you want to add even more to the list.

Add all the common types of cases you won settlements on recently, if those settlements were really profitable for you, you may want more of those kinds of cases so make sure they go to the top of the list.

Are there any more types of cases you want to go after in the near future? If so, make sure that is on your ideas list as well.

By making this list you are prioritizing your goals for the personal injury law practice with the content being published on your blog.

By asking around the firm and sharing this list with the person helping you create your blog content, they can do some additional SEO research and finalize a list of topics for you. They’ll be able to recommend which ones you’ll most likely rank for first because the competition is less vs. something being a bit more competitive.

From there you can strategically decide how to prioritize your blog’s topics and publishing schedule.

How Your Location and Time Of Year Will Influence The Various Types Of Personal Injury Keywords Being Searched For Online

Each personal injury law firm has a different location and seasons which will trend many types of personal injury searches all year round.

This will highly influence what your clients will be searching for online.

For example, in the winter because of all the rain it’s more likely that car accidents and slips and falls would happen more often than in the summer.

Some more example trends might be the following:

  • A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas is going to have more casino injury cases than one in Seattle.
  • However, a personal injury lawyer from Seattle has more rain year round, which means they will have more trends for Car Accidents in the Spring and Fall, than just the Winter.
  • Las Vegas and Miami have lots of tourism, so their car accidents probably relate more to ride-sharing and taxi drivers than somewhere like Montana.

The bottom line is this: Think about where your personal injury law firm is located and how the time of year affects the demand for the types of cases you might see.

You want to align your blog’s content around these keyword search trends!

One Year List Of Example Topics For Your Personal Injury Blog 

Recently, I got the below topic list from my team of writers. It contains the most popular personal injury topics we see which will drive decent search volume and engagement from.

As you review the following list of topics/headlines, you’ll notice many of them have the topic (SEO Keyword) also contained in the title.

A Warning! Don’t Just Blindly Copy A List of Topics And Start Writing Personal Injury Content! 

  • Each headline needs to be perfectly crafted for your unique own SEO Campaign to ensure its original quality content and better than what your competition is already publishing.
  • For many of these topics, you’ll need to apply them to your local city or state to keep them relevant to your clientele. As an example, our first topic discusses the cost of a personal injury lawyer. A headline example would be “How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost In Florida”.

With those points out of the way, here’s the list.

  • How Much Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Services Landing Page (With Your City Name)
  • Car Accident Attorney Services Landing Page (With Your City Name)
  • Tips For Safer Motorcycle Riding
  • Summarize Local News Events For Car and Motorcycle Accidents in a Monthly Article
  • The Legal Myths Relating To Personal Injury Law
  • Announce Any Upcoming Class Action Lawsuits (Your Firm Is Working On)
  • Announce Any upcoming Product Recalls (Your Firm Is Working On)
  • What To Do After Being Injured in a Car Accident 
  • What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident 
  • What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident 
  • What To Do After a Ride-sharing Accident 
  • How To File a Personal Injury Claim 
  • Write an Article that Discusses the Burden of Proof in Layman’s Terms
  • Provide Safety Tips For Teen Drivers 
  • Provide Local Resources and Tips For Tourists (In Your Local City and State)
  • Write About Seeking Help After Being Injured in an Accident
  • How-To Articles For Filing Insurance Claims 
  • Summarize a Case You Just Won For a Client
  • Write an Article About Your Team or Any Other Team News
  • Discuss the Various Statutes Of Limitations For Motor Accidents in Your State
  • Local Statistics Of Most Common Personal Injuries In Your Area
  • Round-Up Post With Other Businesses in Your Local Area
  • Motorcycle Accidents, What To Do If You’re In One 
  • Pros and Cons To Settling Out of Court Vs. Going to Court 
  • How To Make The Most Out Of a Personal Injury Law Consultation (With Your Law Firm)
  • Create a Round-Up of Your Best Online Reviews From Clients
  • Create a series of articles regarding The Shady Practices of Insurance Companies.
  • Educate Your Clients on Pedestrian Right-of-Way Laws 
  • What To Do After a Bicycle Accident 
  • What To Do After a Boating Collision/Accident 
  • What To Know About Hit-and-Run Laws 
  • What Happens If You’re Hit By an Uninsured Driver 
  • Discuss What To Do If You Run a Red Light or Get a Speeding Ticket 
  • How To Protect Your Rights After an Accident With A Commercial Truck, Limo, Or Bus 
  • What You Should Know About Slip-and-Fall Injuries 
  • Most Popular Types Of Personal Injury Cases Filed 
  • Who’s Liable In The Following Car Accident Scenarios 
  • The Value Of Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer Instead Of Representing Yourself
  • When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney 
  • Road Rage Issues In Your State Which is Causing Accidents
  • What To Do After Being Injured From Another Driver
  • An article about the Top 5 – 10 Causes of Car Crashes in Your Metro Area.
  • The Legal Obligations If You Are in a Car Accident in Your State
  • Common Issues With Tour Bus Accidents In Your State
  • Create a Series of Articles Discussing How To Get The Most Money From a Car Accident, Motorcycle Accident, etc.
  • Discuss Traffic Laws In Your Local City, Which Ones Are The Most Common To Be Broken?
  • What Are a Passenger’s Rights After a Car Crash?
  • How Is Workers’ Compensation Applied To Traffic Accidents?
  • How Your Firm Negotiates Settlement Offers, Do you always take the first offer?
  • What Exactly Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do Each Day?
  • What Happens If Your Teen Gets a Citation In Your State
  • What Happens If Your Teen Gets into an Auto Accident in Your State
  • Odds Of Surviving a Motorcycle vs. Car Accident

Final Thoughts

As you’ve probably already discovered by now, planning a list of headlines and topics for your personal injury law blog is a lot of work. Then on top of that, you have to do all the local SEO research to find out which topics have the best chance of ranking in the fastest amount of time.

If you need any additional help with your personal injury law firm blog or local SEO strategy, feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me, thanks!


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