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Personal Injury Attorneys who run a law firm have a lot to worry about for running a smooth operation. One of the most important things for any size personal injury law firm is having a solid marketing and advertising plan for bringing in new cases.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through all the options to consider when it comes to promoting your personal injury law firm.

Before we dive in there’s two big takeaways you should keep in mind.

  1. Whoever is doing your law firm’s marketing should be studying the marketing efforts of the competing personal injury law firms in your local area. Studying their Website, SEO Keywords, Social Media Campaigns, Google Ad Campaigns, and any local advertising such as TV, Radio, or Direct Mail. By studying what your competition is doing, you position yourself to create a marketing strategy with a goal, to beat competing law firms in your city.
  1. It’s best not to execute all of your marketing options at the same time. It’s best to test some strategies out and see what is working vs. not working. Ultimately, you’ll find that only 2-3 marketing tactics will perform well and account for over 90% of your new cases.

Most of my previous personal injury law firm clients found that the top strategies that work for them are the same ones already working for their competition. Hint… one of those top strategies is advertising with Google.

This is why advertising costs so much money for something like Pay-Per-Click Google Ads or Google Screened. Because these are at the top of Google’s Search page, where most of the attention happens (along with the first few spots in the organic results.)

Overall, 90% of people go to Google to look up information about finding a Personal Injury Lawyer.

The reality is that nobody is planning for an injury and most people are not thinking about a PI Attorney until they actually get injured. So this makes Google the first place they think about to start looking.

Did you know? Back in the day before Google and the Internet were around, the first place people looked for an injury lawyer would have been the Yellow Pages.

What’s the solution for expensive Google Advertising? To offset the expensive Google Ads, people will optimize their Business Listing and online Reviews, and Implement an Organic SEO Campaign targeting local keywords (expensive PPC keywords.)

Advertising With Google Local Ads (Google Screened)

If you are looking for a more affordable option instead of Pay-Per-Click adwords which costs hundreds of dollars a click, you can sign up for Google’s Screened Local Ads Program.

I’ve created an entire article that outlines the process for signing up.

Check it out here: How To Get Started With Google Screened Local Service Ads

The nice thing about doing Google Screened ads is that it will show your law firm as a vetted, verified legal professional. This recognition will boost your reputation and make it easier to acquire new customers.

Also, it will only charge you for the actual leads it generates for you vs. using standard Google Ads and having to pay for every click when it may not generate any leads for you.

Pay-Per-Click With Google Adwords

If you have a larger personal injury law firm or work in a city with not much competition, a Pay-Per-Click strategy with Google Adwords will benefit you as a top lead generation strategy.

In bigger cities with more competition, you will have to budget for higher PPC and Google Ads costs, sometimes upwards of several hundred dollars or more.

But, if you spend 5 or 10 grand on generating a bunch of clicks and you get a case worth 100,000 dollars, the return on investment is definitely there.

Managing a PPC campaign will take time and some expertise in order to perform well, so don’t forget to factor in the cost of hiring someone to run it for you. If you don’t have the expertise in-house, it’s highly recommended you hire a consultant or marketing agency to help you.

Google Business Listing (maps and three-pack)

Setting up a Google Local Business Listing is free and very beneficial for your Personal Injury Law firm. Check out the directions for setting things up here at this resource provided by Google.

Set up a Google Business Profile

With a Google Business listing you’ll appear in the “local listings” section of Google, and might even be on the first page of the search results.

How Google Business Listings Work

Google will take your address and use the GeoLocation of the searcher to map them to a local listing for their keyword.

So when you set up your Business Listing, it’s important to enter all of the business information that is requested. Including the various types of Personal Injury Law you practice in.

Then when someone types in “Car Accident Attorney” for example, it will map that user’s search query to your local listing and show your law firm as an option.

Depending on how well the other personal injury law firms you are competing with have optimized their local Google listing, you may not show up right away or for a very long time.

To help rank on Google Business Listings, it’s important to have engagement with it online. To help, you can have past clients leave reviews that contain keywords for the types of services you want to rank for.

Google will use the reviews as a ranking factor for showing the top 3 local listings in what they call the three-pack.

Lastly, post regular updates on your Google Business Listing; Including links to your blog posts or any other press releases and newsworthy articles you get featured on.

Local SEO Strategy For Personal Injury Attorneys

Having a solid local SEO strategy will allow you to rank your website in the organic results for when a user searches for a “Personal Injury Lawyer” in your local city.

3 Big Local SEO Strategies To Implement Include The Following:

  • Create separate Local Service SEO Optimized landing pages on your law firm’s website. This will help Google understand which page to rank with for various personal injury keywords. For example, have a separate landing page for Car Accidents, Slip and Falls, Class Action Lawsuits, etc.
  • Create legal blog content that helps your client get a better understanding of their rights and options regarding personal injury laws in your local city and state. This way Google will recognize you as an authority for practicing law in your local area.
  • Build local backlinks in your city from other small businesses, blogs, and news sites. Also, utilize other backlinks from legal online business directories.

A solid local SEO Strategy for your personal injury law firm is by far the number one most important strategy for marketing your law firm online. It’s got the biggest ROI over PPC and Social Media Advertising.

In the long run, when you invest in your blog’s personal injury content, you’ll benefit from free traffic clicks and avoid paying several hundreds of dollars per click!

Local TV and Video YouTube Commercials

If your local area has a cable TV service provider that can run local ads with, this could be an effective way to market your personal injury law firm.

Figure out the right time to have the commercials run and track your results. If the media company doesn’t let you schedule what time your commercials can run, don’t use it.

You want to catch people right after they were injured somewhere. To find the best time, you’ll need to experiment which is the best time to run the commercials in your local area. Then, target that time slot over and over again with the best commercial you can produce for a winning TV ad campaign.

Don’t Forget About YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads is another option you can implement a local strategy for but you’ll need to set up a Google Ads account first.

The nice thing about running a YouTube video ad (vs. a TV ad run by the cable company) is that you’ll have 100% control over who sees the ad, and when they see it.

Compared to standard Google PPC Ads, the price of video advertising is discounted at the moment because not a lot of small businesses are taking advantage of it.

To get started producing a video, you can keep it simple and just make a 30 to 60-second video from your phone making an introduction to your law firm and the personal injury services your firm provides.

Overall, YouTube is a great opportunity to jump in and test some ideas out!

Local Radio and Spotify Commercials

In the SF Bay Area where I’m from you can’t help but notice that at least twice per hour during the evening, you’ll hear all kinds of personal injury law firm commercials.

Some of them have a great jingle behind them too. Because it’s audio only, the jingle is a very important factor for people remembering your phone number and website name.

It’s not cheap to put advertisements on the radio, but if you live in a small town or city it could be very beneficial for you to try out.

If you are consistent enough with your radio ads, you might just catch someone during a traffic jam who just got into a fender bender, then remembers your ad and calls you.

If you want to look at another audio platform to advertise on besides radio you’ll also want to check into Spotify Advertising.

Whether you choose a local radio station or Spotify, you’ll be able to localize an ad campaign in your city’s region to attract new leads for your personal injury law firm.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is only good if you can keep people interested in the topics of your newsletter. The only issue with personal injury law is that people don’t typically think about it until they need it.

So getting people to sign up, open, and read your newsletter will be a challenge.

To keep people’s interest, you could write about local news in your area or other topics of interest to your community, then tie them back to personal injury law in a non-direct way.

Another option would be to find a local blog or news site in your area with a targeted audience and an established newsletter. Then, you could run an ad to that audience or sponsor something in the newsletter to get personal injury leads from it.

Becoming a contributor to a local news blog and being available for questions and answers might be another opportunity for being featured in a newsletter if that website has one established already.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing you can try using the following established platforms.


Facebook is great for posting updates, personal injury lawyer tips, and links to your blog posts. If you decide to run Facebook ads you can retarget people who have recently visited your website.


Instagram is great for posting corporate photos of the team and other events going around your office. Occasionally you can post infographic pictures as well but you can’t directly post a link to a blog article unless you run an Instagram ad.


Twitter is great for posting links back to your blog while providing your followers with tweets of information regarding personal injury law. Also, interact with other topics in your industry by following them in your feed.


Pinterest can be used to post infographic pins on subjects relating to legal blog content that was recently published. Then, for each pin, you can link directly to a blog article and promote it organically. Because Pinterest is often used as a visual search engine, you can put keywords in your description. You can also re-pin other creator’s content that is interesting to your followers.


A YouTube Channel is great for creating video infomercial ads and other types of videos to educate your clients about what to do in an auto accident or the basics of personal injury law. You can even put links in your video descriptions to reference articles on your blog.


LinkedIn will help your personal injury firm reach a professional audience. Set up a business page and promote LinkedIn ads or other information.

Another idea is networking with other law firms and establishing a referral relationship partner.

For example, if a big law firm gets a case that’s just too small, they might be interested in passing it to another firm. If you have established solid relationships through LinkedIn, that will increase the possibility that you will get referrals.

Local Legal Directories and Leads Sites

Local legal directories and lead sites such as Avvo, Nolo, FindLaw, Lawyers.com, and LegalZoom are beneficial for finding new leads for your law firm. But, be very careful how much you are paying per lead, and make sure the overall costs are worth it for the types of cases you get from these sites.

Also, avoid buying expensive leads from law websites where the leads are not exclusive to you. A lot of times, I’d hear the following over and over again from my law firm clients.

“I paid 500 dollars for a lead and by the time we called to follow up on it, they had already spoken with 7 other law firms.”

Upon further research, I’ve found multiple complaints from other law firms saying that many of the lead generation companies share the leads. I don’t want to name any names for these companies here in this guide.

I just encourage you to make sure you do your own research on the lead generation company before you do business with them. A Google search will go a long way.

Personal Injury Law Firm Website

Your personal injury law firm’s website should be optimized for both desktop and mobile for you to create a quality (valuable) user experience. In return, this will help build credibility for your law firm’s brand so you can convert more leads as well as boost your SEO for Google Search.

Some key pages to include for your website’s design include:

Homepage – The first page people see when they come to your website. The homepage needs to sell your clients and convince them to click on your other website pages.

About – This is the second most important page on your website, it shows customers the lawyers and the team that will be helping them win a case.

Areas of Practice – This page shows web visitors exactly which areas of personal injury law you specialize in. From this page, you can link to other more specific pages to break down each individual legal service you provide.

Contact – A simple page so you can collect leads. Be sure this page contains a clear call to action for filling out some basic information like name, phone, email, and a description of what kind of legal help is needed.

Blog-Roll Page – This page is the main section of your blog. It will list all the latest blog articles you’ve just published. It should also have a search function so people can easily search for the legal topics they want to learn about.

Overall, you want a website that keeps people interested and learning more about your law firm, your attorneys, and the personal injury services you offer. To get ideas for how to set up your website, it’s always a good idea to research your competitors’ websites and take notes on what they are doing. Then share them with a web designer who is experienced in designing law firm websites.

Analytics For Tracking Conversions

Once you’ve dialed in your personal injury law firm’s website you’ll be ready to accurately track the number of visitors you get every month. You’ll also want to track keywords and the number of conversions received from those keywords.

A conversion means you got a phone call or a lead from your contact form.

I recommend setting up the following if you want to track your whole online personal injury marketing plan from A to Z.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is provided free from Google and it tracks your indexed pages, keywords, and overall domain authority. It provides you with how many visitors you have from each available keyword. It’s also an important technical tool for troubleshooting indexing issues with your website and the Google Search Engine.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics platform provided by Google that will help you track your web visitors not just from searches, but from people who find you directly, from social media, and other referral marketing sites like a lead generation site.

Google Analytics also shows you how people interact with your website by tracking engagement and click behavior. Additionally, it shows you a lot more details about how web users interact with your website.

Bright Local (For Local SEO and User Review Management)

Bright Local is essential for personal injury law firms because it will help you manage two of the most important parts of your marketing plan.

Local SEO and User Reviews

It has a wonderful local keyword tracker and integrates directly into your Google Search Analytics. It also lets you set up email campaigns so you can reach out to your clients and get feedback about their experiences with your firm.

If they report something positive, you can encourage them to leave a good review on Google or Yelp, etc.

If they report something negative, you’ll be able to fix the issue for them before they leave a bad review about it. This saves your overall rating from dropping on various review sites.

Related article: How To Remove Bad Yelp Reviews

Call Rail Reporting

CallRail is a paid solution that will help you track which keywords and traffic sources are generating a phone call or lead from your website’s contact form.

CallRail is essential to a personal injury lawyer’s marketing plan if you want to track an overall total cost per case!

The nice thing about CallRail is they make it easy for you to implement by providing a plugin if you run a WordPress site. This will help create tags and events which will load directly into your Google Analytics.

Technically, you can also set up tracking of conversions without using something like CallRail, but you’ll need to pay a developer to set up the code for you.


To help tie all of your various online marketing data points together into one easy-to-read report, you’ll need to use Agency Analytics. My team and I use it for our clients and it allows us to really analyze all the SEO and Web Traffic data to see what exactly is working, and what is not.

This way we can always make sure we pivot the overall personal injury marketing strategy to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right personal injury marketing strategy dialed in will take time and patience, especially if you are using Google.

However, once you do have things dialed in, it will be your own lead conversion machine that will help to make sure your law firm never runs out of new cases to take on.

Thanks so much for reading this guide, if you need any help with your personal injury law firm’s online marketing, feel free to comment below. I’m here to help!


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