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personal injury lawyer super bowl commercials
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Are you a personal injury lawyer who has thought about running a Super Bowl Ad to advertise your law firm? If so, you’ll need to be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on not only producing your commercial, but the air time as well.

It would not be unrealistic to be prepared to spend around 5-7 million dollars to run a Super Bowl ad for your law firm. According to this article titled “2022 Super Bowl commercials FAQ”, an average 30-second Super Bowl Ad in 2022 costs about $6.5 Million dollars.

If you are focusing your ad on a local market, your options are much cheaper and most likely will run at 30k or so for a 30-second slot. Check out this article titled “Local Super Bowl ads” to find out more.

The first step in creating some inspiration for running your own Super Bowl Law Firm Ad, is to watch and see what other law firms have created first.

Even, if you don’t have plans to run a Super Bowl ad for your personal injury law firm, it’s still pretty entertaining to see the creativity that went into creating these various ads.

Below, I searched on YouTube for some of the most top viewed, commented, and liked personal injury law firm Super Bowl commercials that have aired over the last 10 years. Some of these ads will be like mini movie trailers, others will be a basic 30 seconds in length.

And now, without further ado, here are the best examples of personal injury Super Bowl commercials we found on YouTube.

This Jamie Casino Law Firm commercial has over one million views as of today. It shows Jamie holding a sledge hammer and bashing it on TV’s that show other lawyer’s commercials. It’s action packed with explosions and exciting background music. It ends with “There are a lot of TV Injury Lawyers, But there’s only one Jamie Casino.”

This Ryan Harris Law Firm commercial sends the message of how important it is to connect with the people in your community. But then, sometimes, bad things happen to people like an accident or injury. And, when the everyday person deals with an insurance company for a claim, they’ll be seen as a number. If you work with Ryan Harris law firm, you’ll be seen as a person and not a number which will get you the settlement you deserve. Because for them, it’s personal.

Rob Levine & Associates has a very creative commercial that is 30 seconds long and does a great job of conveying why you should not directly talk with your insurance company. Insurance companies try to get you to sign with unfavorable terms so they have the upper hand. With a lawyer like Rob Levine, he’ll make sure you get the upper hand instead. The effects in this commercial are amazingly creative, with electric signals that turn people into zombies.

Thomas J. Henry shows he means business in this commercial by showing some recent numbers on some big cases he won. He’s shown getting out of a car and onto a jet to go fight his next big case. Thomas J. Henry’s message is that his firm is fighting every moment of every day to win cases for their clients. The background music and rhythm of the narration makes it very clear to understand what this law firm is going to do for you.

This commercial by Mike Morse Law Firm shows a big crash in the first few seconds and it gets your attention right away. It uses the song “Everything Gonna Be Alright” by Thornetta Davis as the background music. It’s energetic and shows how Mike cares about connecting with his community, but then going to a conference to close a big settlement for a client. Mike wants to help you go for the win!

Attorney Darryl Isaacs has a commercial that shows the insurance companies as unfriendly aliens when you get into an accident. It has a space theme that reminds us of Star Wars a bit. When Darryl shows up to fight the aliens, he saves the client from having to settle on their own.

David J. Maloney made a simple 30-second spot that shows him in front of a car crash. He shows his billboards and the various amounts he’s won for his clients. David emphasizes the fact that he will personally call you from almost anywhere! His humor shows off his authenticity as well.

Final Thoughts

Running a Super Bowl ad for your law firm is not a requirement for your law firm’s marketing plan. But, it sure sounds like a fun project and does give your law firm a lot of exposure to a big audience.

If you’ve ever wanted to try running TV ads for your law firm, the Super Bowl just might be the perfect event to try out.

To get started you’ll need some help like a script, cameras, video editing, and a local ads agency to help you run the ad in the right time slot during the Super Bowl.

I hope you got something out of this article, comment below and let me know your thoughts!


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