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print on demand businesses and marketplaces
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So you’re ready to start your Print On Demand business and want to learn more about what options you have for sourcing products to sell online.

In this article, we are going to cover all of the top players that provide sourcing and fulfillment in the Print On Demand industry. We’ll also include the top companies that have an integrated marketplace.

NOTE: The below is not rated in any particular order.

However, there are some things you should consider for each option below.

  1. To find a truthful review about an experience with a particular Print On Demand company, I’d search on forums like Reddit and other online groups relating to Print On Demand. Just do a simple Google search for the company name, then add “Reddit” to your query. Or add on a term like “experience”, etc.
  1. Decide how you want to sell your items. Do you want to do it through a platform you control like your own Shopify store, or using a Print On Demand’s marketplace such as Zazzle. Below, I’ve added (Marketplace) for each company that provides one. Keep in mind that if you use your own platform like Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. – Make sure the Print On Demand company provides integration so you have a seamless operation.

I tried my best to group the following list of Print On Demand services by type. In the content list below, you can click on any option to jump right to that section.

Please Note: Because it’s impossible for me to actually try each one of these services, this round-up is to provide you with the basic information of what the various options are for finding and working with a Print On Demand company. You’ll have to research more into each company when it comes to profit margins, fees, and the quality of the products.  

Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

Print On Demand Stationary and Corporate Office Prints

If you are thinking of getting into the niche of reselling Print On Demand Stationary and Office Prints like business cards, letter headers, etc. The options below will certainly fit your needs. 


Moo has been around since 2006, it’s headquartered in London. They operate out of 6 locations in the UK and United States. They focus on the premium end of the stationary market.

If your customers are on the high end of the market, definitely check out Moo for your Print On Demand needs.

Vista Print

VistaPrint has been in the game for a long time. I remember using them first back in 2007 for some business cards.

To this day, they still produce quality business cards and many other customizable business products. They are a perfect option if your Print On Demand business focuses on corporate business design.

Print On Demand Clothing, Apparel, and Accessories


SPOD has been around for the last 20 years and believes in the concept of you selling your Print On Demand products wherever you want. They mostly specialize in Clothing, Wall Art, and other Accessories.

They have integrations with other reselling platforms like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and WooCommerce. They will drop ship your product straight to your customer after you generate a sale.


Printiful has fulfillment centers and warehouses all over the world. They started back in 2013 and reached an important milestone of 1,000,000 T-shirts sold in 2016.

They mostly specialize in clothing and other accessories for the home. They can assist you with warehouse and fulfillment services which means you won’t have to actually store any inventory.

As of right now, they have over 334 products that you can design and resell.

Printiful integrates with a lot of different reselling platforms, the main ones are Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Wix, Big Cartel, WooCommerce, Prestashop, TikTok, Squarespace many, many more.

Redbubble (Has Marketplace)

Redbubble started in 2006 in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

They help connect artists who want to sell their designs on products that people want to buy, like clothing, art, phone cases, home goods, gifts, stationery/office products, and other accessories.

Redbubble’s integrated marketplace means you can upload your design, select a product to sell, and wait to get paid. The online store and shipping are all taken care of for you.

Print On Demand General Merchandise Options (A little bit of everything)


Printify has a huge inventory of Print On Demand products that covers many categories. 

Including Clothing, Home, Personal Accessories, and many other miscellaneous products.

Printify started in 2015 and has since grown to a global Print On Demand business that provides dropshipping all around the world.

Printify also integrates with many e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wix, Prestashop, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce.

Fine Art America (Has Marketplace)

Fine Art America is the world’s largest Print On Demand marketplace for artists and creatives.

They mostly focus on Wall Art and Home Decor products. But, they have many other categories such as Lifestyle, Tech, Stationary, and Apparel.

Fine Art America provides fulfillment of each and every order. So all you need to do is design and upload your image files, then set a price for the products you are selling.

Fine Art America also provides its sellers with additional branding and marketing tools.

Cafe Press (Has Marketplace)

CafePress started about 20 years ago and offers its creators an option to create an online shop.

The categories range from Clothing, Drinkware, Home Decor, Gifts, Signs, Stationary, and other Personal Accessories.

The CafePress marketplace is laid out nicely and it’s very inviting for buyers. The marketplace has hundreds of products for sale!

CafePress’s mission statement is to create human connection by having people express themselves.


Teelaunch uses technology to help connect your e-commerce shop to factories all over the world.

The categories include Personal Accessories, Drinkware, Apparel, Home Goods, Jewelry, Kitchenware, Lifestyle, Office, Pets, and Wall Art.

They integrate with Etsy, Shopify, Woocommerce, and BigCommerce.

I love their slogan, it’s “WE BRING YOUR IDEAS TO LIFE”.


Gooten really stands out to me, it’s about page says they take a transformational approach to Print On Demand.

The site offers many solutions for categories like Home Decor, Fashion Apparel, Entertainment, and Personal Gifts.

They even work with Creators and Agencies

Gooten has processed and shipped over 4 million products with less than a 2% error rate. They also have a 95% on-time shipping rate.

TeePublic (Has Marketplace)

TeePublic wants to empower independent creators to turn their passion into profit. With over 1.2 million products for sale, it’s a huge marketplace.

They guarantee product quality and have a huge selection of product types.

Some of the main products featured include Tees, Stickers, Tapestries, Phone Cases, Hoodies, Mugs, Laptop Cases, and Notebooks.

They have a strong commitment to the environment too, their printers are held to non-hazardous, toxin-free production standards. The DTG inks are 100% biodegradable and water-based. Plus, contains no animal by-products which means vegan friendly!

Print On Demand T-Shirt (Specialty) Providers


Apliiq started in 2008 in the city of Los Angeles.

They are a specialized T-Shirt Print On Demand provider.

When you buy in bulk, you save over 55% on the cost. In addition to T-shirts, they do Hoodies, Hats, Pocket Tees, Beanies, and Joggers.

They have everything you need to launch your own clothing line.

Integrations with Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce are pretty easy to set up too.

TeeSpring (Has Marketplace)

TeeSpring is a very inviting Print On Demand platform for reselling T-shirts and Athletic Apparel. 

Tee Spring’s homepage says it’s a simple, easy to use solution for creating and selling products that engage your fans and help you monetize your content.

TeeSpring really does a great job of displaying the various designs from their creators on the homepage. They have staff picks and collection pages as well.


Bonfire is the place the world goes for getting custom premium shirts. That’s the first thing that I got from their website, and it’s a slogan for them.

Their mission which is described on the About Page is all about strengthening communities that inspire a kinder world.

Bonfire is a free online platform where anyone can design, sell, and buy custom products. They handle online payments and fulfillment.

Bonfire is a perfect Print On Demand platform for non-profits and creators.

Print On Demand For Home, Accessories, and Clothing

Zazzle (Has Marketplace)

Zazzle has the convenience that allows you to design and sell products on one platform.

Zazzle has been around for 17 years and keeps growing each and every year. It easily connects creators and business owners to their customers through its marketplace.

Zazzle has transacted with over 30 million customers.

Their list of product categories covers just about everything, some examples include Business Supplies, Home Decor, Art, Clothing, Electronics, Stationary, and Crafts/Party Supplies.

Society6 (Has Marketplace)

Society6 has been on the scene since 2009.

They really focus on the art aspect of their homepage. According to Society6’s about page, it was built by artists to help get each other’s work discovered.

With over 450,000 artists on the platform, it’s a huge success.

In the marketplace, they sell Print On Demand products like Wall Art, Bedding, Bags & Backpacks, Furniture, Outdoor, Apparel, and everything else for your home.

They have a lot of personal type products too.


Modalyst focuses on making it easy for an online reseller to integrate third-party Print On Demand or Drop Shipping services into a Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce store.

It connects to Alibaba and other platforms too.

All the suppliers are vetted to ensure you have a quality product delivered to your customer. 

Modalyst is a great option if you want to open a store with lots of general inventory.


Gelato does not own any printers, they are a software company.

They are a network of printers and logistics options.

They produce personal Print On Demand products in over 33 countries. This means if your business model has customers all around the world, Gelato might be a good option for you to research.

They integrate with all the mainstream eCommerce store options like Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Squarespace, and BigCommerce.

The products Gelato works with cover mainly Clothing, Art, Phone Cases, Mugs, Wall Paper, Bags, Cards, Photo Books, Calendars, and Stationery Business Products.


Printy6 is the ultimate Print On Demand Platform for Apparel products.

Printy6 is a full Print On Demand and fulfillment solution.

You can browse all their products ahead of time. You can upload your design using their image rendering technology and get an exact mock-up of how things will look for your product design.

Integration with Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Amazon is also possible.


CustomCat is a Print On Demand company that has products in the Apparel and Housewares Niche.

They can get a new seller up and running in minutes with the following process:

  1. Upload and Design Your Products
  2. Connect your Store and Start Selling
  3. CustomCat Prints and Ships to your customer.

Their homepage says they’ve been in the business for 20 years. This company is definitely worth researching more if you are in the Apparel or Housewares Niche. 


T-Pop is located in Southern France and has a fully automated Print On Demand process for its resellers.

They mostly specialize in Clothing and Apparel.

They are eco-friendly with the Print On Demand process as well! They have 0 plastic used with their delivery packages as well. They claim to have the largest supply of eco-friendly responsible products to choose from.

They also integrate with Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

AOP+ (Easy Print on Demand)

AOP+ has over 10,000 sellers using their in-house Print On Demand services. They are a 100% complete Print On Demand solution.

They offer over 120+ unique design products you can resell.

Such as Men’s and Women’s Clothing, Apparel, Home Goods, Wall Decor, Pet Products, Phone Cases, and other Personal Accessories.

AOP+ has easy Integrations too, with platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and BigCommerce.

Book Publishing

If you are a self-publisher and looking for a Book Publishing Print On Demand provider, consider the following option.

Lu Lu Direct

Lu Lu Direct was started around 23 years ago, it was founded by Bob Young, who was frustrated with the process of trying to publish his own book with traditional publishing houses.

So he started Lu Lu to solve the problems he faced.

With over 3,000 possible trim sizes, paper types, and binding option combinations, they can help you get the exact style that you want for your published book.

You can sell your book on LuLu’s online store or have them help you get retail distribution. 

You can also sell through your own website.

Be sure to check out Lulu Xpress as a fast option for Print On Demand with quick distribution.

Print On Demand eCommerce Solutions


Sellfy started in 2011 and has over 60,000 creators reselling on the platform.

They support both digital and Print On Demand products.

Their platform completes all of the complex tasks of setting up an online store and simplifies it for you so you can focus on creating and selling your products.


Shopify is all about making commerce better for everyone.

Originally they did not even intend to be an eCommerce hosting provider. But when they started with just one custom built eCommerce store selling snowboards over 10 years ago, they realized they could host their technology for eCommerce out to other sellers. 

Shopify is free to try and integrates into all sorts of Print On Demand companies so you can resell and dropship products.

I have personally used Shopify and would recommend it to anyone who wants a seamless online reselling solution.

Some Key Takeaways

  • Be sure to thoroughly research any Print On Demand provider or company you are doing business with.
  • Always get samples of the products upfront before you list them for sale to your customers.
  • Be on the lookout for fees and other hidden costs. Remember you want to have enough of a net profit margin to make it worth your time.

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading this round-up post on Print On Demand companies you can do business with.

I hope you were able to find at least a few options to do further research on for your Print On Demand business idea. 


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