How To Write a Roommate Agreement

roommate agreement

A Roommate Agreement is necessary once you find a new roommate to live with you.

The below roommate agreement template will work well for college students and anybody who plans on sharing an apartment or house with roommates who are boyfriends, girlfriends, co-workers, or college friends. It’s universal with the location too, so you can use it in New York, California, Florida, Texas, and any other State in the United States.

I’ve used this exact roommate agreement template over and over again anytime I house hack by renting out rooms in my home.

To get Started

Below, I recommend you copy the text from the first line starting with Tenant Names to the last line starting with Signatures. Then, paste it into a new Google Doc or MS Word Document. Then modify each section to suit your needs and print it out for you and your roommates to sign. From your computer, you can also print your agreement to a PDF and have them electronically sign it with a service like DocuSign.

Please note: I’ve provided some example text after each section in the agreement which will help make writing your own roommate agreement easier, just rewrite the example text to personalize your situation.

Free Roommate Agreement Template

Tenant Names: John and Jenny Jones, Kyle Moore.

Property Address: 555 Oak St. Las Vegas, NV. 95665

Effective Date Range: 10/1/2020 – 9/30/2021

Security Deposit To Landlord: John and Jenny pay 50%, Kyle pays the other 50%.

Amount Of Rent Per Roommate: John and Jenny pay 66%, Kyle pays 33% of the monthly rent of $2500.00 per month.

How Are Utilities Divided: Power, Gas, Water, and Garbage bills are divided with the same percentages as the rent.

Roommate Occupy Which Bedrooms: John and Jenny occupy the master bedroom, Kyle gets the second-largest bedroom across the hall. The third bedroom is an office shared by everyone.

Food Sharing: No food sharing is allowed unless discussed ahead of time.

Parking Space Assignments: There is no garage parking so John and Jenny get two parking spots on the driveway and Kyle will park on the street.

Pet Policy: No pets are allowed.

Overnight Guests and Parties: No overnight guests or parties are allowed.

Quiet Hours or Study Time: Quiet hours for study or sleep begin after 7 pm every day.

Prohibition Of Drugs or Alcohol: There will be no illegal drugs allowed. Alcohol is fine.

Moving Out Early Clause: If either roommate moves out early before the end date of this agreement or the lease, they will be responsible for any remaining rental payments to the landlord based on their share that is owed.

Handling Disputes: Disputes will be handled on a case-by-case basis among us first. If any local laws are broken, we will handle that using the local laws and resources in the city where the rental property is.

Signatures and Date: [sign your names here]

Roommate Agreement Ideas And Topics

Some of the most important roommate agreement ideas to include in the agreement are already included in the above template. Depending on your situation, you can easily add your own since it’s an open document.

Some of the main ideas a roommate agreement should have include:

  • Names and Address: Make sure you fill this out with your full names and the rental address.
  • Dates: Make sure you enter the date range of your roommate agreement to match your lease agreement.
  • Amount of Deposits and Monthly Rent: Your monthly share of rent per month and the amount you paid for the deposit has to be documented. This keeps each roommate financialy responsible.
  • Utilities: Document and track what each roommate is paying in regards to your utilities. If the water or garbage is included in the rent, mention that in your roommate agreement.
  • Roommate Living Arrangements: You want to clearly write out which roommate will occupy each bedroom, how you will share food, how parking spaces will be assigned, whether pets are allowed, and some guidelines for overnight guests.
  • Quiet Hours: If you are in college, need to study, or be well rested for your workday, having a time where the house is quiet and free of noise is neccessary.
  • Drugs and Alchohol: If you are strongly against drugs and alchohol use, you’ll want to state what your limitations are.
  • Moving Out Early or Handling Conflicts: Tension and conflicts will eventually happen with any roommate situation. In these sections of your agreement, make sure you state exactly how things will be handled. Use the example I provided in the template as a guide for what to include. Keep in mind what your rental agreement might state regarding any financial clauses for moving out early. For handling disputes, always handle them yourself first and know the local laws to protect your rights. Then proceed to seek profesional help.
  • Signatures and Date: Make sure you sign your full names and include the date!

Checklist For Customizing and Writing Your Roommate Agreement

  1. Remember, be sure to fill out every section of the roommate agreement to the best of your ability. Both you and your roommate(s) will have to agree to the terms by signing and dating it!
  2. If you cannot agree on the terms of the rommate agreement with your potential roommate, you may need to find someone new.
  3. Parts of your roomate agreement can be legally binding. However, parts of it that talk about cleaning for example is not because a judge cannot enforce that. I’m not a lawyer so you will need to find a legal professional in your local city to help you determine what is enforceable, etc.
  4. Keep your roommate agreement rules simple and easy to follow, if it becomes to complicated, it will be hard to remember all the rules in the agreement which will cause problems.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of a roommate agreement should be to create an easy roommate contract that you can both follow for a peaceful household that is financially responsible.

I hope this roommate agreement template helps you and your new potential roommate make a peaceful living situation. By having everything in writing, you and your housemates will learn to respect each other’s spaces, finances, and personal property.