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Are you a finance writer and looking to publish something with Money and Bills?

Currently, Money And Bills is looking for pitches on a good story idea for topics relating to business and personal finance.

Please review our article submission and style guidelines below to get started.

Article Submission and Style Guidelines

All articles and guest posts should have the following:

  1. A clear targeted headline that informs the reader.
  2. Written with clean and direct sentence structure with no spelling mistakes.
  3. An original article piece and free of plagiarism.
  4. All articles should be broken up into sections using subheadings and formatted with web friendly paragraphs.
  5. Articles published should target a minimum of 700 words, and not be longer than 1500 words. Unless a special request is accommodated.
  6. All submissions will not be promotional in anyway, it needs to be helpful and educate our readers. If you want something promotional, you’ll need to inquire about a sponsored post or advertorial.
  7. Money and Bills has the right to modify or remove back-links in a post at anytime. (Especially if the link is broken or is considered spammy from Google.)
  8. The author can have a short bio that contains a link to there blog, website or social media profile.
  9. Once the article is published on Money and Bills, we own the publishing rights.
  10. If you are a freelance writer and looking to write a piece for us, please pitch your idea with your desired rate.

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